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Powerbug Umbrella Holder Extension

Powerbug Umbrella Holder Extension

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The Powerbug Umbrella Holder Extension extends your golfing umbrella by 6 inches when mounted in the Umbrella Holder on your NX Series Golf Buggy. 

The Umbrella Holder Extensions easily mounts quick and easily to your existing Umbrella Holder on your Buggy. 

Product Specifications

Features & Inclusions

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Single-Action Mechanism

Easy Folding

Folding the PowerBug NX could not be any easier. A simple single-action mechanism folds and un-folds the NX in just a couple of seconds.

Whilst the folding mechanism is extremely easy to use, the framework is built with longevity in mind. Heavy duty materials ensure the frame does not wear out over time and stays rigid through many years of use.

Tested for all seasons

Anti-Clog Front Wheel

Vigorously tested during the fiercest of winters, large clearance between the front wheel and the housing prevents any mud clogging when used in the winter.

Remove the entire front wheel assembly without the need for additional tools allowing for easy cleaning of the NX without the risk of getting any of the electronics wet.

Feature Packed

NX Handle

An updated handle design features handlebar style grips & USB charging port.

The handle screen display is adjustable to help visibility in all lighting conditions.

On screen battery level meter with speed adjustment 1-9 in 0.5 increments, allowing for the perfect walking pace for all golfers.

tackle any condition

Winter-Ready Tyres

Ready to tackle any condition the NX features heavy duty low profile rubberised wheels and tyres. The tyre tread and material has been proven to work flawlessly in both summer and winter conditions.

To save extra room when folded, the wheels can be inverted to reduce the overall width of the buggy.


Built-In Accessory Station

The NX is equipped with a built-in accessory station as standard.

Ready to fit a full range of accessories, and if you're an existing PowerBug customer all of your old accessories will be compatible with the NX buggy.

Weight & Dimensions

Folded Dimensions:
77cm (L) x 57cm (W) x 41cm (H)

Folded Dimensions (Wheels Inverted):
77cm (L) x 38cm (W) x 41cm (H)

Trolley Weight (Battery Removed):

Peace of Mind

Warranty & Support

PowerBug NX trolleys & batteries are equipped with our industry leading 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Enjoy peace of mind with your new trolley knowing you have full warranty cover & backup support.

Over 5800 reviews

Industry Best Reliability

We are proud to be the ranked the highest golf trolley brand for customer service & reliability. With over 5800 public customer reviews you can purchase a PowerBug electric golf buggy with confidence.