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Are The Accessories Seen OnThis Buggy Included With The Purchase?

Currently the Sand Bucket Loop is included on all purchases online.

All other accessories can be purchased separately.

How do I connect and remove the Battery from the Buggy

Please watch the Battery Connection Guide video on our Videos Page or refer to pages 11 and 12 of the Instruction Manual

Videos Page

How often should I charge the Battery?

The Battery should be charged fully
before and after every round of golf.

Does the NX Model come with a Park Brake?

No, only the NX DHC Model
comes with a Park Brake

How do I Engage the Electronic Park Brake on the NX DHC Model?

Simply turn the speed dial to
the left until the word Park appears on the display screen.

How do I Disengage the Electronic Park Brake on the NX DHC Model?

Simply press the speed dial and the park brake will automatically be removed and the buggy will move

Can you adjust the front wheel to help the buggy track straight?

Yes, the Powerbug has a fully
adjustable front wheel for straight tracking.

Can I Add a Seat?

Yes, a seat can be added.

Can I Put Any Golf Bag on The PowerBug?

Yes, all golf bags should fit onto this buggy, but there may be some stand bags which may not be suited to this buggy. To be sure your golf bag will fit the NX models, you should visit your nearest stockist with your bag and try the fitment.

Can The Upper and Lower Bag Straps Be Adjusted Fit Small And Larger Golf Bags?

Yes, the upper and lower bag straps are fully adjustable.

Does The Buggy Have a Rotating Front Wheel?

No, the NX models have a fixed
front wheel.

Can The Buggy Fold Down with The Umbrella Holder Still Attached?

Yes, the buggy can be folded down with the umbrella holder attached.

Can I Change the Height of My Handle?

No, the handle height is fixed
on the NX models.

What is the Warranty on PowerBug Golf Buggies?

The Buggy, Battery and Charger are covered by a 2-year warranty, and all the Accessories are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Do the Wheels Have to Be Removed When Folding the Golf Buggy?

No, the wheels can be left on when folding the buggy.

Can the Rear Wheels be reversed to save space when the buggy is not in use?

Yes, the Rear Wheels are fully reversible to save space when the buggy is not in use.

Can I Purchase A Golf Bag With A Stinger Golf Buggy As A Package Deal?

Yes, Absolutely

How many speeds does the PowerBug have in total?

The PowerBug is unequally different as it has full and half speeds, meaning a total of 17 speeds so you can find the perfect speed for your individual walking pace.