Revolutionizing the Game of Golf for Women

Revolutionizing the Game of Golf for Women

Australian Golf Equipment is revolutionizing the game of golf by leading the way in creating products designed with women golfers in mind. With a commitment to supplying quality, purpose-driven golf equipment for women, Australian Golf Equipment has identified a significant gap in the market and is fast becoming a leader in their field.

According to Managing Director and Product Development specialist for Australian Golf Equipment Tony Micallef, the company gained knowledge over many years from thousands of female golfers who complained that most equipment available is designed for men. As a result, manufacturers of golf equipment have not considered the relevance of the strength, stamina, and physique of women when designing buggies and bags, and no one has catered to women's specific needs whether on or off the golf course.

In response to this gap in the market, Australian Golf Equipment have set out to provide lightweight, ultra-easy to fold, push and electric golf buggies taking women's specific needs into consideration when designing and choosing their range of golf bags and buggies.

Their innovative, stylish, and affordable range of women's golf buggies, bags, and golf accessories are sold through word of mouth, specialist retailers, and ecommerce sites, and are now a very popular choice among women golfers everywhere.

Australian Golf Equipment is proud to introduce the new PowerBug Electric Golf Buggy, designed specifically with women golfers in mind. This revolutionary, light buggy weighs a mere 8.9 kgs and features a simple single-action mechanism that folds and unfolds the buggy in just a couple of seconds, making it extremely easy to use.

For the first time ever in the world of electric golf buggies, the Powerbug features a unique speed setting with ½ speed options, providing a total of 17 different speed settings to choose from. Never again will women struggle to find their perfect walking speed.

The lightweight hard cased battery guarantees to cover 27+ holes on a single charge and simply slots into the battery tray without any external connector cables to plug in. This innovative design provides ease of use for women golfers who want to focus on their game and not worry about their equipment.

Women are raving about the Powerbug for its ease of use, weight, and an option of downhill braking. With the ability to add your favourite accessories such as the umbrella holder, drink holder, phone holder, sand bottle, and the buggy pack, the Powerbug is the ultimate game changer for women golfers.

At Australian Golf Equipment, we are committed to providing innovative and high-quality products that meet the specific needs of women golfers. The Powerbug Golf Buggy is the latest addition to our range of products designed with women golfers in mind. Experience the power and convenience of the Powerbug for yourself and take your golf game to the next level.

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